The Health-Conscious Gourmet

Randall Linebacks with treesRanging free on the pasturelands of historic Chapel Hill Farm and drinking limestone springwater, the Randall Linebacks, America's rarest breed of cattle, are multiplying. While the girls are increasing the herd, a "job" has been found for the surplus boys by providing the discriminating and health-conscious gourmet with the finest Rose-Veal in the world. This veal is served by some of the best chefs in America.

Only two American landrace breeds survive today from colonial times. Both are critically endangered. The Randall Linebacks are the cool-weather cow of early America.

Naturally Raising the Rarest Rose-Veal at Chapel Hill Farm

The Randall Lineback cows are raised naturally, ranging free on the open fields of Virginia. The calves stay in the fields with their dams until market day. First, the diet of the calves consists only of mother's milk, and then the calvves gradually consume more pasture. The meat of the calves is a rose-red color because of their open pasture diet and exericse. The name "Rose-Veal" describes the flavorful meat of these slow-maturing and naturally healthy calves. There are no growth hormones or antibiotics used on the Rose-Veal calves. Because of their colonial American genetics, their diet and exercise, Randall Lineback calves have finely grained meat with little intermuscular fat.

Randall Linebacks in fieldFree-range, pasture-fed Rose-Veal from Chapel Hill is better for your health than commercial veal or beef. It is lower in fat and calories and higher in Omega-3s, Vitamin E, and CLA. This meat has an intense, clean taste, unavailable commerically for over a century.

Naturally, Not Factory

Hundreds of years ago, colonial American farmers created Lineback landrace cattle which would naturally withstand the special rigors of the New World and which would provide dairy products, oxen, and meat. As an all-purpose breed, the Randalls are as far away from today's specialized breeds, fattened on factory feedlots, as any cattle can be. And this is why they are so scarce and so good at the same time. This Rose-Veal offers you one of the rarest and finest dining experiences. It is good for you and does good for the world by saving the bred.

Favorite Chapel Hill Girls

Sandra Day O'Connor with Randall LinebacksYou are saving the Randall Lineback breed when you consume Randall Lineback veal. As an informed, health-conscious gourmet you are creating demand for Randall Lineback products. This demand translates into value for the farmer. Thus, you reward farmers for raising these rare cattle. You are giving the Randall Linebacks a job to do. Conservationist and Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and the Randall Linebacks thank you.

Know Your Source

The Chapel Hill Farm, with its rambling stone house, is a National and Virginia Historic Landmark. It is outside Berryville, Virginia, in the Shenandoah Vally and is named for The Old Chapel (rebuilt 1789) where many founders of Virginia once worhipped. The Chapel Hill Randall Linebacks range across hundreds of acres of pastureland, living very much as the would have centuries ago.

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